The Drilling Industry Certification Authority of South Africa

The Drilling Industry Certification Authority of South Africa (DICASA) is a voluntary association formed in March 2010 by a group of 8 companies involved in the exploration drilling industry with the sole purpose of developing a certification framework for people involved in the drilling industry. Since no recognized drilling qualifications currently exist, this initiative is seen as an extremely important development for the industry.

Many companies in the drilling industry run extensive “on-site”, practical skills training programs for their drilling crews. Many of these programs are of a very high standard as is demonstrated by the high production rates that are achieved by many of our contractors. The problem however is that these “in-house” training programs have no industry recognition and so their value to the trainee is somewhat limited. DICASA was formed to combine and co-ordinate the efforts of these individual companies and generate industry recognized certification standards. DICASA has elected to adopt a competency-based structure on which to base our certification framework.

Most drilling companies in South Africa have similar occupational structures consisting of the following 4 occupational descriptions and so the certification framework is designed around these 4 occupations:
- Assistant Driller (Helper)
- Driller (Operator)
- Site Supervisor (Chargehand, Foreman)
- Contracts Manager

It is considered essential that certification of site operational staff, Drillers and Assistant Drillers, be prioritized and so the initial focus of the DICASA initiative is therefore on these two occupations. Both occupations are listed as scarce skills by the MQA.

A series of training courses aimed at upgrading the knowledge and skills of Supervisors and Managers are being developed and will form the second phase of the project.


DICASA – Exploration Drill Site Safety Course

DATES – 14 & 15 July 2011

VENUE: Hunters Rest Hotel, Olfantsnexk, Rustenburg

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The Founder Members of DICASA are:

Geosearch SA (Pty) Ltd

Rosond Exploration (Pty) Ltd

Atlas Copco Exploration Products Africa

Murray & Roberts Cementation

Drillcon (Pty) Ltd

Discovery Drilling Contractors (Pty) Ltd

Drillcorp Africa (Pty) Ltd

The Interim Management Committee comprises one representative from each of the Founder Member companies:

Colin Rice, Chairman Management Committee

Nelson Booth, HR Manager Geosearch SA (Pty) Ltd

Armando Cravo, Managing Director, Rosond Exploration (Pty) Ltd

Graham Martin, General Manager, Atlas Copco Exploration Products Africa

Pierre Le Clus, Surface Drilling Manager, Murray & Roberts Cementation

Louis Ludik, Managing Director, Drillcon (Pty) Ltd

Francois Conradie, General Manager, Discovery Drilling Contractors (Pty) Ltd

Eddie Dixon, General Manager, Drillcorp Africa (Pty) Ltd

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