Assessor Registration

Assessment of drilling industry personnel can have a significant impact on the health and safety of the candidate and fellow workers. It is therefore imperative that DICASA applies the Assessment Policy strictly and consistently to ensure that high standards are maintained. All assessments will only be conducted by DICASA registered assessors who are properly trained in conducting these assessments as well as being recognised experts in their chosen drilling specialisation.

Persons may apply to be registered as a DICASA Assessor by supplying the following information:

  1. Proof that they have been declared competent in Unit Standard 115753: Conduct outcomes-based assessment.
  2. A CV detailing qualifications, work experience, employment history, projects worked on and any other information that is relevant and will assist DICASA in reaching a decision. Certified copies of all certificates and originals of testimonials must be supplied.
  3. A certified copy of their ID document.
  4. A passport size photograph of the applicant.

DICASA will verify the information supplied and if satisfied, register the person as a DICASA Assessor. Registration will be valid for a period of two years and a fee will be charged for registration. All Assessors will be required to sign a DICASA Assessor Code of Conduct (DIT05) before registration is completed.