Appeal and Dispute Procedure

Every candidate being assessed has the right to appeal against the decisions, conduct or compliance of the assessor and all candidates shall be familiarised with proper appeals procedure during the pre-assessment meeting.

 Appeals or disputes may arise for various reasons:

  • Assessments may be perceived to have been biased, unfair or unreliable
  • If the candidate believes that the Assessor has inadequate expertise or experience
  • If the candidate believes that the Assessor acted unethically


  1. The candidate may lodge an appeal within ten working days of the date of the assessment by completing and submitting the Appeals Submission Form (DIT03).
  2. DICASA will conduct an investigation within fifteen days of receipt of the appeal notice and will notify the Candidate and the Assessor of its decision via the Appeal Finding Form (DIT04).
  3.  If the appeal is won a Competent finding will be declared and a Certificate of Competency will be issued.
  4. If the original decision is maintained, a Not Yet Competent finding will be declared and no further correspondence on the matter will be entered into.


A candidate will be given the opportunity to have two re-assessments after his initial assessment by which time he should achieve competence. Should the candidate still receive a Not Yet Competent decision after an initial assessment and two re-assessments then a recommendation for re-assignment will be made to the employing company.